Happyfox & P3chat. Live-chat is personal again

P3chat is a live-chat customer support tool that lets you chat with visitors without slowing down your website

P3chat and Happyfox - Convert live chats into support tickets.

Personalize conversations. View past dialogues of the customer initiating chat.

  • All your chats automatically converted to tickets.
  • P3Chat on Happyfox fetches customer name and Email
  • Complete chat history including offline chats.

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Why P3chat?

P3chat is a comprehensive live chat tool that supports existing popular instant messenger clients.

online live chats to help desk tickets.

Happy fox allows every P3chat conversation to be converted to tickets, which includes even the ones that are offline. Therefore,

  • Constant round-the-clock connect with customers, with or without a customer service representative.
  • Recognize regular visitors, view past conversations and provide personalized support

Don't just bridge communication gaps. Eliminate them. With this live-chat help desk.