Magento Connect - Coupling eCommerce & Support

Magento is a feature-rich open-source eCommerce solution with a host of tools that allow merchants to build a successful online shop from scratch.

In HappyFox

HappyFox supports Magento 2.0

Experiencing setbacks on your online store because your support agents are not having enough details to resolve tickets?

Now have your billing & shipping information on your HappyFox ticket to accelerate your customer service process

  • View customer and order details from Magento on your HappyFox ticket
  • Create tickets using the Customer's email ID from Magento
  • Stay informed of a customer's past sales stats from your ticket detail view
  • View order information across multiple stores with the Magento multi-store integration

In Magento

With the help desk extension for Magento, HappyFox allows you to perform several key actions without having to leave your Magento admin site.

Here is the list of features offered through this extension

  • View support tickets raised by your customers under Magento Customers section.
  • Access all pending and completed tickets raised by Magento customers within Magento admin panel.
  • Visualize a dashboard of all pending tickets and recently raised tickets.

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Why Magento?

Magento is one of the most intuitive eCommerce platforms in the market and uniting it with an equally intuitive help desk only makes customer support that much simpler for you.

ecommerce customer details on HappyFox help desk
happyfox help desk support for magento ecommerce
  • Personalize ticket resolution with the customer's profile, billing and shipping details on your ticket
  • Leverage the power of valuable sales information from Magento on your HappyFox ticket, to resolve customer issues faster

Reduce the hassles of sales-related support, with this ecommerce help desk integration.