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Integrate PagerDuty with HappyFox

HappyFox’s bi-directional integration with PagerDuty makes it easy to create incidents in PagerDuty from any support ticket created in HappyFox. Your support team can keep your customers up-to-date as all incident-related information and timelines are instantly updated in HappyFox.

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Create PagerDuty Incidents From HappyFox

Easily create or link PagerDuty incidents to existing HappyFox tickets. Leverage HappyFox’s powerful automation suite - Smart Rules to automatically create and link incidents for incoming HappyFox tickets.

View Contextual Incident Details Inside Tickets

Track the progress of incidents directly from HappyFox. View incident-related information such as timelines, notes, assignees, and statuses from within HappyFox.

Perform Actions on Incidents without leaving HappyFox

Perform quick actions on incidents like “Acknowledge”, “Run Response Play”, “Add Notes”, “Re-Assign”, “Add Responders”, “Add Status Updates” without leaving HappyFox.


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