Infusionsoft & HappyFox - Unify Marketing automation and help desk support

Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation software for small businesses

No longer are sales, marketing and support different departments that you struggle to unify.

Combine the power of all three with the HappyFox-Infusionsoft integration

  • Customers' contact information from Infusionsoft on your HappyFox ticket
  • Two way flow of information between HappyFox and Infusionsoft
  • View customer’s ticket history in your CRM
  • Make support, marketing and sales team work in sync.
  • Help your agents track crucial leads based on tickets

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Why Infusionsoft?

This integration makes the perfect combo as Infusionsoft completely takes over your marketing and sales efforts just the way HappyFox takes over your support.

 Holistic view of customer information from Infusionsoft CRM on HappyFox help desk software

The complete Help desk CRM integration.

  • Forge healthy relationships with customers, provide personalized support and increase retention
  • Never let another lead or contact slip through the cracks while simultaneously intensifying your support process

Capitalize on this integration to attract customers, grow sales and provide better support.