Increase blog engagement with customer support

HappyFox Wordpress plugin lets you provide help desk support for your blog right from your Wordpress dashboard

Replying to multiple comments, marking important ones and actioning on them can get tedious.

Option to push HappyFox ticket information to HighRise cases and notes

  • Choose and convert blog comments into actionable tickets
  • Add replies to comments without leaving wordpress
  • View complete HappyFox ticket list on Wordpress dashboard
  • Restrict access by managing visibility preferences

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Why Wordpress?

If your blog is on the best content management platform on the web, what could be better than supporting it with an equally good help desk software?

HappyFox help desk plugin for wordpress
Convert wordpress blog comments into help desk tickets
  • Build engagement and traffic on your blog by prioritizing and responding to comments promptly.
  • Improve personal rapport with readers by never missing out on any critical or constructive comment.

Go ahead and give your blog the much needed customer service boost with this HappyFox - Wordpress help desk plugin