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Custom Tickets Statuses

Ticket Queues Multi-Dimensional Filtering.

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Add private notes for internal collaboration

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Threaded view of all responses

Email communication appended to ticket

Clean and clutter free user interface

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Reference Knowledge Base in Tickets

Delete tickets (admin specific privilege)

Add CC, BCC recipients to ticket responses

Add attachments to ticket responses (all file types of any size supported)

Create new tickets on behalf of end users

Search with advanced options to find specific tickets

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Clone tickets.

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Customize Contact Group member's Ticket Visibility

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Unlimited custom reports

Scheduled reports

Reports on data source, time frames, SLAs

Report parameters by ticket details







Report parameters by metrics

Time since ticket created

Number updates

Static and Timebased Reports

Report parameters by activity

Staff message is unresponded

Customer message is unresponded

Updated by

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Report parameters by customer

Customer name

Customer email

Contact group

Report parameters by user defined custom fields

Share reports

SLA performance report

Plan based reporting time

Ticket tabular view

Response statistics view

Staff performance view

Staff activity view

Customer activity view

Export reports to CSV/Excel

Ticket Life Cycle Report: Based on Assignee and Category

Ticket Inflow Report

Satisfaction Surveys Report

General settings

Add Corporate Identity on Staff and End User Interface


Custom Statuses with Colors

Custom Priorities

Customer Color Theme

In-app Custom Domain & SSL module

Application Personalization Settings

Custom Name

Custom Footer

Custom Favicon

New Ticket Form Customization

Outgoing Email Settings

Single Sign-on for login (SAML/Google SSO)

Category management

Create Private categories (visible to staff members only)

Create Public categories

Define prefixes for tickets within individual categories

Set up categories for:

Web based communication between end users and help desk

Email communication between end users and help desk

Custom Ticket ID Prefix By Category

Auto Assignment

Staff Management

Create and manage roles

Define role-based access privileges

Add single / multiple staff within a role

Active Staff/Inactive Staff

Associate staff to one or more categories on the help desk

Disable staff account (retaining ticket data and activity log)

Agent availability toggle for Auto Assignment

Add Multiple Agents using Google Apps

Web based staff interface

Active Directory integration available for log in authentication

Observe Recent Ticketing Activity of Agents.

Two Factor Authentication for Agents.

Email Integration

Configure Generic Mailboxes

Ticket Threading Preferences

DMARC and SPF support

SSL Support

Support for MS Exchange/Google Apps Mail Servers

Email - Category Association


End Users

Setup Auto Responders

Contact Invite

System Notifications

Forum Notifications

Notifications specific to Categories.

Staff Account Invite


New Ticket Notification

Private Note Notification

Custom Notification Templates and Customization.

Ticket Assignment Notification

Merge Fields in Notifications

Custom Fields

Customize ticket submission web forms with unlimited ticket or contact specific fields

Choose from Text, Number, Dropdown or multiple selection field types

Custom Field Activity Log

Choose from Text, Number, Date, Dropdown or multiple selection field types

Define parent-child custom fields on ticket submission forms

Unlimited dependency levels

Associate fields to single or multiple categories

Custom Fields Requirements Preferences.

Helptexts for Custom Fields

Re-order field display on ticket sub mission form

Custom fields for tickets and contacts

Create mandatory custom fields

Default values for custom fields

Customizable end-user display names for custom fields


Smart Rules to perform automated actions in the presence of predefined conditions

Canned Actions to automate repetitive tasks

Auto Assignment based on Active Staff

Load Balancing based Auto Assignment

Ticket Templates for fast ticket creation.

Automatic Ticket Scheduling

Automate actions supported:

Assign ticket

Change status, priority

Add tag(s)

Send email to recipients

Send SMS

Set Due date

Trigger Webhook

Add Subscribers

Change Categories

Clear Due Date

Set Assignee Dynamically

Level based escalation notifications

Customize notifications sent via email on unanswered and/or escalated tickets

Work Schedule Association for Smart Rules

SLA Management

5 SLA objectives

Time to First Response

Time to Assign

Time to Contact Response

Time to Custom Status

Time to Staff Response

By work schedule

Expected SLA Performance

Associate categories to SLA

Exclude Statuses under SLA watch

Filter Tickets by SLA breach

SLA Evaluation Conditions

SLA Breach Notifications

SLA Reports







SugarCRM Integration





Azure AD SSO







Zoho CRM




Insightly Integration








Magento 2


Hubspot CRM


Survey Monkey

Nice Reply

Google Apps

One Login
(Active Directory & SAML)




MS Dynamics

Okta SSO

OneLogin SSO


SmartSignin SSO



Knowledge Base

Browse Articles

Create Sections

Create Articles

Knowledge Base content management system

Multi-Lingual Support

Knowledge Base Analytics

Create Internal Articles

Search Engine Optimization for articles

Search Knowledge Base

Associate sections to a parent section as well as to categories

Manage Knowledge Base sections and articles

In-Line Search Suggestions

Social Media Sharing

Platform Friendly

Associate articles to sections and set visibility profiles

File attachments to Knowledge Base articles

Knowledge Base Tag Management

Custom HTML support for articles.

Article “Drafts”

End User Interface

Web interface to create and submit new tickets, view past tickets

View ticket history and agent responses

Customizable profile for each end user

International time zone support

Knowledge Base

Search and browse Knowledge Base

Create tickets from Knowledge Base Page

Support Center

Access Knowledge Base, Forums and Tickets from one portal page


View topics and posts

My posts and All posts view options

Post comments

Multibrand/Satellite Helpdesk

Intelligent Search and Sort for created tickets.

Support Center Settings

Custom Name

End User Login Options

Featured Articles and Sections on Home Page


Header and Footer

Welcome Banner


Visibility Preferences

Announcement Banner

End User Home Page Description

Getting Help

HappyFox University

Live Chat Support

In-App Suggestions

Task Management

Set Due Date for Tasks

Task Templates for Quicker Task Creation

Pending Task Quick Preview

Asset Management

Export Asset Report

Import Assets

Add Assets to Tickets

Agent Scripting

Activity Logs for Past Responses

Detailed Instructions for Each Question

View Answer History

Capture Form Fields

Track Time Spent by Agents

Auto Validate Scripts

Live Preview of Scripts