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Email-to-ticket, Skill based grouping, Smart routing, filtered views, web ready kiosk, useful insights and so on. HappyFox has the right features set for your IT help desk system requirement.

Why a baroque ITIL system required when HappyFox can do just at a competitive price? HappyFox interface is rather nimble and clean, lets you get around with the system in minutes.

track and manage issues in your enterprise
Triage automation Stop fire-fighting and stay organised. Features such as Smart Rules, Custom Fields, ticket priorities, Canned responses of HappyFox helps IT teams act swiftly on issues. Auto assignment feature of HappyFox ensures no particular agent is overwhelmed with tickets. enable student teacher collaboration with happyfox student forums
Web ready Kiosk HappyFox self-service knowledge portal can be integrated with organisation website easily which lets employees access the information or create ticket from anywhere. IT sure helps teams by taking care of most of the redundant queries. knowledgebase and self service for students at colleges and universities
Extensive reports Improving every process or creating a Knowledge Base content need not essentially happen after much exertion, HappyFox analytics can be an early warning system, create useful content and improve process based on the trends. Also, you can measure employee satisfaction with surveys which can be triggered automatically upon solving a ticket.
Future Ready! HappyFox extensive API lets you integrate any third party app and works as one cohesive tool. HappyFox JIRA integration allows both teams work in tandem, support staff can create/link ticket to a JIRA task and update the end-user of the status. knowledgebase and self service for students at colleges and universities

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