How to Setup Your Help Desk in 5 Minutes

If you are of the notion that setting up a help desk for the first time is a huge ordeal that takes lots of people, many hours of work and loads of complicated tasks, HappyFox is glad to debunk that theory for you.

HappyFox needs less than five minutes of your time to be set up and you are ready to deliver top class customer service experience with absolutely no hassles.

HappyFox Help Desk on the cloud allows any method of incoming requests, be it mail, live-chat or voice. When you are done creating your HappyFox account, it automatically takes you to a welcome screen to set up your incoming mail which should be logged as tickets.

Minute: 1

Configure Help Desk Categories

Your tickets may be directed to various teams within your organization. Go ahead and create categories like Sales, Support, Marketing etc, add forwarding email addresses for each and publish these support email addresses on your portal for your customers to contact you in case of issues.

HappyFox feature to keep evrything together
HappyFox feature to keep evrything together
Minute: 2

Set Up Email Forwarding

    Create a forwarding rule in your mailbox to route all incoming tickets to the pre-determined email box.

    For example if you want to reroute mails from [email protected] as tickets, add [email protected] in the incoming email address textbox, and then put up a forwarding rule for all mails on [email protected] to be forwarded to the given HappyFox account and you are good to go.

Minute: 3

Invite Support Staff

All your staff are not of the same skill set. HappyFox help desk lets you create roles and privileges for all your staff. Create roles for your staff like ‘Admin’, ‘Regular staff’ etc. These roles decide what access and privileges each staff will have including Managerial and Ticket level permissions.

The learning curve for our support team was as easy as it could have been.

Matt Pendergraff,
PDG creative

HappyFox feature to keep evrything together
Minute: 4

Create a Knowledge Base

It is imperative you allow your customers to help themselves and get answers faster. HappyFox Knowledge Base Content Management allows you to create a complete knowledge base for your staff and customers. Take all your self help articles and add them to your customized HappyFox knowledge base, so that your customers can access them directly without having to raise a ticket. Create an internal knowledge base for your staff to refer in case of issues.

Minute: 5

Personalize and Brand Your Help Desk

Take a minute to to customize your Support center with your choice of colors, font and styling. You can even add your company logo, include a personalized description on your Support center and give HappyFox your company branding to obtain the look you need.

HappyFox feature to keep evrything together
That’s it! You are ready to provide exceptional customer service!

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