Dashboard & Reporting
Software for Aircall

Run advanced analytics and reports and get greater insight into call center performance by integrating Aircall with HappyFox BI. Create custom dashboards for your team based on any metric in Aircall.

HappyFox BI for Aircall allows you to connect, query, and visualize your customer support data without writing code. Use HappyFox BI’s intuitive report builder lets you create powerful in-depth analyses, or create simple dashboards to keep an eye on your data.

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Measure, Analyze & Improve

Create your own drill-downs to plunge into aircall data. Choose the visualizations you like & share it with the people who can make a difference.

Build highly customizable reports in seconds

Customize a report from our library of our commonly used reporting templates, or build your own custom report from scratch and take your pick from pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, area charts, and more. Preview your data in real-time, and easily change chart types with one click to visualize your data exactly how you want to.

Create custom dashboards
for your whole team

Create dashboards of high-level business metrics for your CXOs, or dig into more granular metrics on dashboards for individual teams. Drag and drop the most critical report widgets to the top, and easily resize the tiles to emphasize the reports that matter most to each team.

Intuitive visualization drill-downs
for in-depth analysis

Dive deep into your Aircall data with widget-based drill-downs that help surface hidden trends and patterns. You can also view the raw data that’s populating your report widget right when you need it.

All-in-one Business Intelligence Tool
with Powerful Features

Build your own Reports and Dashboards

Choose from over 250+ ready to use visualizations to craft interactive widgets based on all call center data, including call logs, contacts, and many more.

Mix and Match Data

Run analytics and dashboards in HappyFox BI that incorporate data from Aircall and from other sources like HappyFox Helpdesk, Salesforce, etc.

Find Answers to Vital Questions

Track your own KPIs and visualize them with different charts. Set benchmarks, evaluate your performance, and make timely decisions.

Greater Visibility and Control

With HappyFox BI you can share your reports with your team and collaborators, even those who don’t have an Aircall account.

Automatically refresh data

Choose to refresh data from Aircall at regular intervals of your choice.

Export your findings

Download call center data and visualizations in a variety of formats—CSV, PDF, or Image to use as you see fit.

All your Call Center data
slice it any way you want!

Start building custom dashboards for Aircall today.