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Improve Your DevOps Workflow with HappyFox's Azure DevOps Help Desk Integration

With HappyFox Help Desk and Azure DevOps integration, your support and development teams will always be on the same page whenever a bug or issue arises. Easily identify and link HappyFox tickets to work items in Azure Boards so that key information is shared across teams and collaboration is effortless.

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Collaborate Efficiently Across Multiple Teams

Support and the engineering teams can now collaborate effortlessly on customer issues with greater cross-functional visibility on task/ticket progress.

  • For Support Teams

    Automatically transform HappyFox tickets into development work items, keep track of progress from HappyFox, notify team members on advances or delays, and update your customers.

  • For Engineering Teams

    Your engineering team will have clear visibility of customer requests and issues, and your customers get better and faster support.

Create Azure DevOps Work Items From HappyFox

Easily create or link Azure DevOps work items to existing HappyFox tickets. You have an option to keep the work item and the ticket in sync.

View Contextual Work Item Details Inside Tickets

Track work item progress directly from HappyFox. View work item information such as title, description, due date, custom fields, etc.

Two-way Sync between HappyFox and Azure DevOps

Sync Azure DevOps work item comments and HappyFox ticket updates. All changes in either of the products are synced with the other. Tickets can also be auto-closed when a linked work item is marked complete.


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