Measure Customer Satisfaction with HappyFox's Help Desk Satisfaction Survey

Measure CSAT scores using the Satisfaction Survey report. Drilldown CSAT scores by agents and contacts to improve customer satisfaction.

View a quick summary of CSAT metrics

Glance through the overall feedback received and their CSAT score without going through a labyrinth of reports.

An Aggregated View of Tickets
An Aggregated View of Tickets

Identify agents with Top CSAT score

View CSAT by agents and maintain a leaderboard for CSAT score. Also, find out which agents score the least.

View Satisfaction Survey performance by category

View a detailed comparison of survey metrics such as CSAT score, Feedback requested and Feedback received across different categories in your help desk.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Track unhappy customers

View incoming tickets by Hours or Days. Find out your busiest day of the week and busiest hour of the day using Heatmaps or line graphs.

An Aggregated View of Tickets
An Aggregated View of Tickets

View Satisfaction Ratings by time

View trends of Satisfied/UnSatisfied/Neutral score by agents across time. Observe performance consistency by agent across months, quarters or even years.