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Integrate Jira with HappyFox Service desk

JIRA is a cloud-based project tracking software that is used for bug tracking and project management. It is primarily built for agile software teams to easily create and assign tasks, track progress, and collaborate with their team. Integrating Jira with Service Desk allows your team to manage requests and support tickets in one place.

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  • Seamless Collaboration between Engineering and Support teams
  • Real-Time Visibility on Issues, Status, and Updates all in one place
  • Improved and Streamlined Support Processes
  • Optimized Support Operations leading to Enhanced Performance and Productivity

Create Jira Issues directly from Service Desk

Easily create Jira issues directly from a Service Desk ticket or link an existing issue to a ticket.

View Contextual Jira Issue Details within Service Desk

Agents can see key issue information, such as Summary, Description, Project, Priority, Custom fields, etc., and track progress directly from Service Desk tickets.

Two-way Synchronization and Real-time updates between Jira and Service Desk

Admins or Agents can configure the way synchronization should work between Jira and Service Desk. Ticket Statuses, Replies, Private notes, Updates, Comments, Attachments, and Ticket Closure can be synced and automated between the apps.


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