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Our mission is to create advanced solutions that help clients validate compliance, improve profitability and manage risk during the manufacture, sale and servicing of loan assets.


For us at LoanLogics, our previous support solution (Kayako) was not giving us everything we needed. This biggest obstacle we were facing was the need for simplicity in reporting. We also struggled with a lack of access to support staff when we needed help.

Why HappyFox?

Automated Reports Achieving SLA Objectives Configurability Business Intelligence Canned Actions


We were very pleased with our implementation, overall it went great for both customer service and our internal help desk support, which are the two teams using HappyFox. They’re now utilizing a majority of the modules within the software including: Custom Ticket Types, Customer Portal, Reporting, Smart Rules, Canned Responses, Auto-Assign Rules, Related Tickets, SLA's, and Automated Reports.

Results & Benefits

Since switching to HappyFox, our staff are enjoying the ability to use canned responses to address repeated queries. In addition, many of our managers and administrators enjoy the reporting widgets and overnight reporting, as well as the ability to customize fields or behaviors based upon specific conditions. We also greatly appreciate both the friendly attention given to us by the support team at HappyFox, as well as the turn around time related to our support outreach and needs.

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Since switching to HappyFox, many of our managers and administrators enjoy the reporting widgets and overnight reporting

Joseph Feola

Vice President, Support Operations

Our experience

I believe that HappyFox has provided our business with the ability to truly measure multiple suggested performance metrics with simplicity. Prior to the deployment of HappyFox, much of this information was self-generated and time consuming. Today, we can customize reports and view widgets that focus primarily on SLA objectives and Client Satisfaction, ultimately benefitting the business and our customers.

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