How to Enhance Your Customer Service with HappyFox's Social Media Management Tool

With HappyFox social help desk software, you can bring the best support experience to the right where your customers are

The need to turn social

The need to turn social When people around the world are spending nearly half their day on social networking alone, it is a sign that any kind of service has to be centered around it. Millions of users are connected on the network and any unheeded complaint could take a huge toll on the company. Customers are always ready to do more business with a company that engages and responds well to social media.

Coupling customer service and social media

Coupling customer service and social media The imminent need for you to get a social help desk is because very few customers who make customer service inquiries via social media report having their issue solved quickly and effectively. So, your Facebook page cannot just take complaints. You need to track and respond to them.

The pains of social media customer service

The pains of social media customer service It's not efficient for your support agents to monitor social media feed every day, track the thousands of complaints and individually respond to them. There needs to be an efficient method for tracking, understanding and resolving issues on a social networking site.

Facebook integration for HappyFox

Facebook integration for HappyFox

The HappyFox social media help desk lets you cater to the needs of your customers on their own social networking site with the click of a button. With our Facebook integration, you can convert all Facebook messages and wall posts into tickets and log them in your HappyFox system. Have responses on the ticket automatically converted to Facebook messages to your customer.

  • Increase social media engagement with the customer
  • Eliminate problems of social media monitoring and tracking
  • Personalize support and build stronger relationships with the customer

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HappyFox facebook integration
Twitter integration for HappyFox

Twitter Integration For HappyFox

now find it easier to report issues and communicate with brands with just a single tweet. Unlike other private mediums of communication like email, Twitter is out in the open for the rest of the world to hear what your customers have to say about your brand. This means there is no room for errors, and also, the customer's expectation for immediate response is high. With the seamless integration of Twitter on your help desk, you can:

  • Monitor your brand mentions.
  • Track and manage customer queries from Twitter in a centralized social help desk.
  • Convert tweets and direct messages (DM) to support tickets.
  • Interact with your team in resolving customer queries.
  • Improve support response time and customer retention

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HappyFox facebook integration