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Complaint Management Software that lets you handle all customer complaints from one interface

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HappyFox a help desk software for customer compliant management

Receive complaints, track them, resolve them and also reduce incoming complaint numbers with the help of HappyFox Complaint Management software.

HappyFox Complaint Management Software lets you gather all your customer complaints into one common help desk system where you can categorize, assign and resolve all these complaints with ease, without having to struggle with a cluttered inbox filled with customer emails.

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Handle complaints from multiple channelsCustomer complaints can come through various channels like email, voice and live-chat. HappyFox help desk software can group all these complaints together into one system. Simply create a forwarding rule on your mailbox and add your email to HappyFox and let all your complains get registered as tickets for your support staff to action on them. Categorizing and PrioritizingThe biggest advantage of using a complaint management software like HappyFox is to have the ability to manage by categories. Complaints can be directed to any team like Marketing, Sales or Technical development. Receive all customer complaints, categorize them accordingly under the respective group and assign them to appropriate staff so that complaints never stay unattended in the wrong queue. Customer Contact for ComplainantsYour company also needs complete track of all the customers who are raising complaints, so that if a customer comes back with a query, you will be able to give a personalized service experience. By using HappyFox customer contact management, you can store all your contact related information in one place for your staff to refer to them while providing support to a customer. Widget for customer complaintsCustomer complaint submission has never been easier. With the support widget embedded on your website, your customers can submit tickets for their issues without having to sit and type out mails. In fact, they can even look for answers to their questions in the knowledge base and forum page first before proceeding to submit tickets.
Smart Rules for Smart complaintsAutomation is very important for Complaint Management. HappyFox Smart Rules lets you create rules and conditions and also place triggers so that the action will’ get automatically initiated. Change anything from Assignee to time spent, based on the parameters you deem fit. Knowledge Base for Complaint ResolutionCustomer complaint management does not always have to be done via phone or mail support. Using HappyFox, create a thorough knowledge base and FAQ system with all the previously asked common complaints, so that your customers can directly go to the self-service portal to get resolution for their issues. Intuitive Staff DashboardYour staff can view their open, resolved and pending tickets, view replies and ticket inflow all on one screen. With the help of HappyFox, you can create roles for your staff, decide what permissions each staff will have and also enable/disable staff with ease. Thus, you can eliminate any chances of staff being assigned a ticket that does not come under their skill set. Reports and AnalyticsTo help understand complaint trends and the quantity of complaints coming in, HappyFox offers Complaint Reports so that you can have a complete overview of your complaint reports, track areas that require work, understand performance of staff and do the needful to enhance operations.
Continuous increase in complaint resolution efficiency
Continuous increase in complaint
resolution efficiency
Increased customer engagement and loyalty
Increased customer engagement
and loyalty
Clutter-free complaint management interface
Clutter-free complaint management interface
Reduction on support time and cost
Reduction on support time and cost

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