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Your customers love email. Provide support via email without cluttering your inbox.

Email Support Software

The simplest way to communicate with any customer is via email. Customer service email management though, is not replying from one mailbox. It is to streamline all incoming emails into one common system.

HappyFox email support software solves that problem by providing a complete help desk solution for all email communication.

My staff are no longer daunted by customer communication!

Tim Sherret, Sennheiser

Email Support Software

Email Help Desk Software

Handle all your inbound customer requests whether it be sales or marketing or support, from one common help desk interface.

Have all your emails from email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. converted to actionable tickets, categorize and prioritize them for your support agents to either respond to them or assign them to the appropriate team for their action.

Automate Email Support

Some help desks help your support team members respond to emails. But how would it be if the help desk responded to the mail automatically?

HappyFox ticketing software allows automation of workflows using Smart Rules, so that repetitive tasks and replies need not be undertaken by your support staff. HappyFox automatically categorizes, assigns and even replies to emails based on your requirement.

Email Support Software
Email Support Software

Email Ticket Threads

Struggling to track the multiple replies from various parties on one email?

HappyFox support system organizes a neat timeline of all these replies on your ticket, shows the current status of the ticket and your history of activity, so you know exactly what they have asked and what is left to be done.

Mass Reply and Mail Linking

You need not copy-paste the same reply to thirty emails because they all asked the same question.

HappyFox Mass reply feature lets you respond to multiple tickets at one go. Further, you can merge tickets, split tickets, and always stay on top of all email communication.

Email Support Software
Email Support Software

Measure your Support

View key metrics like the number of emails you are getting about issues, your response times, your resolution times and a lot more with the help of real-time HappyFox Reports.

Understand the volume of tickets, quality of support and work towards enhancing your support process. Maintain process standards by configuring strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) policies.

Internal Collaboration

Collaborate internally among teams when replying to emails with the Private notes feature.

HappyFox email support software lets you add notes on a ticket that won’t be accessible to your customer, so you can discuss internally among teams and resolve issues faster.

Email Support Software

Email customer service management might be a difficult word. But it is no difficult task. Try HappyFox

  • Email Support Software

    Faster responses to emails

  • Email Support Software

    More control over replies

  • Email Support Software

    Respond multiple tickets at once

  • Email Support Software

    Strengthen customer relationships

  • Email Support Software

    Improve quality of support

  • Email Support Software

    True omni-channel experience

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