Marblehead, a leader in K12 is a model school district, exemplary in its student engagement and academic excellence, where all students meet their highest potential with the support of outstanding instructional leadership and in partnership with the community.


Education and Training


We had previously been using SchoolDude for 3 years. We were unhappy with its search capabilities, inability to customize ticket categories, poor ticket visibility to end-users, poor user account management feature and its lack of response to requests and/or enhancement requests.


We performed some online research and our first impression of HappyFox was very positive. It was their AD sync software that really motivated us to purchase this software.

Results & Benefits

The implementation and training of sales, support and response has been good, especially for our tracking facilities and technology tickets. We highly utilize the groups, customisable templates for ticket notification and tabular list view of tickets.

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Our team has really liked the AD Sync, ability to customise problem types within categories & ticket visibility at group level

Kathy Hennessey

Tech Director, Marblehead Public Schools

Our experience

HappyFox customer service is quick to respond and our team has really liked the AD sync, the ability to customize Problem Types within Categories, and to customize the Bcket visibility at group level. We would definitely recommend this soFware to our colleagues and business associates.

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