Pinewood is a K-12 school balancing rigorous academics with robust enrichment classes. Our students engage in meaningful, varied opportunities that empower them to explore their talents and develop new skills.


Education and Training

Pinewood is a joyful community with passionate, accessible teachers and administrators who partner with students and parents in the education journey. With state of-the-art updates, its facilities provide the space for all to flourish. We inspire the best in our students as we encourage them to become kind, well-rounded people who are poised to change their world for the better.


We were not using any prior support solution and we were tired of managing requests with email and Excel. Managing support requests became impossible with email and spreadsheets. We needed a new system for both IT and Facilities. We searched for a ticketing system and came across HappyFox.


We liked the clean interface and features, and the branding. Knowledge Base is what persuaded us to purchase the soFware. The implementation went very well and we got great help from Leo.

Results & Benefits

Since implementation we exactly know how many tickets we handled. Prior to HappyFox, we had no idea how great the support load was.

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Support requests no longer fall through the cracks and get lost in an email or some spreadsheet

Bill Bates

Director of Technology, Pinewood Private School

Our experience

We LOVE HappyFox. HappyFox customer service was excellent. We have always been helped quickly. We would absolutely recommend HappyFox to our colleagues and business acquaintances. It has changed our work lives. Support requests no longer fall through the cracks and get lost in an email or some random spreadsheet. We are so very happy!

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