HappyFox Canned Actions - Improve Productivity and Customer Service

Combine frequent responses and actions together using Canned Actions and apply them easily.

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Save time spent

replying to common queries.

  • Actions and responses unified
  • Quick application
  • Smart Assignment
  • Actions & Responses Unified

    Canned Actions allow you to perform ticket actions like changing status, priority, adding tags etc., in addition to adding a templated response.

  • Quick Application

    While adding a ticket reply, you can view all the Canned Actions available to you. Also, you can also search for specific Canned Actions and apply them.

  • Context Aware

    Canned Actions support placeholders/merge-fields that are replaced in real-time. Add contextual details to refine your responses automatically.

We have several online stores with different policies, canned templates are essential for our use.

James Chavez
Customer Service Manager, Sheikh Shoes

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canned responses

  • Personalized Responses

    Canned Actions can be shared or personal. You can create Canned Actions that reflect your communication style or have generic responses shared with other agents.

  • Categorized Canned Actions

    Team specific Canned Actions can be created in HappyFox. These Canned Actions are available only to agents belonging to the team.

  • Personalised responses
  • Categorized canned actions
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