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We are a large Non-Profit Healthcare affiliate. We have 17 open health centers and 22 buildings that we manage. With a small staff of 5, we have a ton of requests and little manpower to reach them all, but we do a pretty great job of it. Our biggest hurdle was a missing ticketing system that we could all see while in a health center.


We were using an internal system through SharePoint that we created in-house - we had been using it for over 6 years. One person had to go into the system daily, and pull up emailed notes to close out our tickets. We had tickets piling up because the completions we received were inconclusive. My staff was traveling to centers, only to find that tickets had already been completed and they were there with nothing to do. Likewise, it was extremely time-consuming to close out tickets and decipher the completion notes from my contractors.


Our primary use-case was closing tickets and completion notes as we work with contractors. In order for them to invoice us, we need to have detailed information on what work they're doing. Having them sit down at the end of the day, trying to remember, compose and email us about their work was time consuming and often neglected.

Results & Benefits

So far we have Facilities and Security using this system. There is nothing I do not use in HappyFox and our team likes the app, the reports, the smart rules, and the tags. We enter tickets and complete them daily and HappyFox has improved our average number of tickets completed per month. My customers (Health Center Staff) have all responded very positively to the change; they love that they can see all the tickets for their site and comment on whether they're still needed.

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Our customers love that they can see all the tickets for their site and comment.

Kavin Stopforth

Facilities Administrator, Planned Parenthood

Our experience

LOVE the customer service! The support team ALWAYS has my back, and they respond to my issues immediately. We would absolutely recommend HappyFox to other businesses!

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