Help desk software for Print, Publishing and Media

Immaculate Customer Service. Increased Readership. Improved Revenues.

Circulation figures are shrinking, readership numbers are plummeting and the internet is eating into the growth of the print and publishing houses. Long term survival has become a challenge and more and the readership trends are changing. More and more publishing houses are either becoming extinct or are adopting completely new business models to adapt and thrive in this hostile environment.

What are these business models based on? Simple. Pure Customer Service. This is the simplest way to let your customer know that your media house caters to his needs. With the HappyFox help desk software for Print and Publishing, establish stronger relationships with customers, increase readerships and watch revenues automatically grow.

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Help desk software for print publishing and media

Customer Support Software for your reader

Whether it be subscription related queries or payment enquiries, readers are mailing and calling you on a regular basis. Streamline all these issues into one common help desk ticketing system, categorize them into Subscription, Payment, General etc. and assign it to the concerned team in your company for their action. HappyFox is a customer support tool that also lets you prioritize your tickets so that no critical ticket is delayed.

customer support software for print event management and media companies

Centralized ticketing system for subscribers, advertisers and partners

Apart from subscriber queries, a publishing house needs to have a strong relationship with advertisers and partners. When there is an important mail coming in from an advertiser, you would not want to miss it amongst other mails in your cluttered inbox. Instead, use the HappyFox help desk to bring in all communication from partners, vendors and advertisers into a centralized system for easy reference and resolution.

Ticketing system for print publishing and media businesses
Manage subscriber information with happyfox help desk

Manage Subscriber information

A publication could have thousands of readers. We are past the times where we can maintain all the contacts on a massive Excel sheet. HappyFox provides a detailed customer contact management interface where you can maintain a complete customer and partner database, so that even while replying to tickets, you can refer to these contact details to provide personalized service.

Feedback Management

Newspaper as a communication medium grows only with two-way communication. When you run campaigns or contests, you need customers to respond to you. These responses and feedback are going to be voluminous to manage with a mailbox. With HappyFox Customer Support Software, gather all feedback, process and make it a lot easier for you to respond to your customers.

Feedback management for publishing and media companies
FAQ knowledgebase software for media, event management and print companies

FAQ and Knowledge base

How can a subscriber change from a monthly to a yearly payment? Can payments be done using checks? Answer all these questions and more, on a detailed FAQ and Knowledge base system provided by HappyFox. Store articles that shed light on various procedures, so that your customers never have to reach out to your support team for information again.

Internal IT Help Desk

No matter what your company does, there are always going to be IT issues. HappyFox is a IT help desk that presents simple solutions to handle these issues. Let any team within your company send mails to a specific ID with their issues, that HappyFox categorizes under ‘IT’ tab for your IT support team to look into.

HappyFox is on the cloud, is mobile-friendly and simple . Use the HappyFox publishing and print help desk to manage all your issues from one interface.

IT help desk for print publishing and media

Monthly plans start from as low as 9$ a month

Help desk Integration

A happy roof that can accommodate all your favorite business apps.