Google SSO enabled HappyFox - Simplifying access

Google Single Sign-On lets you access all your Google Apps by signing in to any Google SSO enabled app

Why force yourself and your customers to create one more user name and password?

Allow HappyFox to use your Google login information to provide access, without the need for a HappyFox username

  • No need to remember multiple usernames and passwords
  • Hassle-free logging in and out of applications
  • Faster and easier access to all google enabled business apps
  • Available on Support Center and Staff login pages, for your customers and staff respectively

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Why Google Single Sign-on?

Google apps are used by millions of businesses across the globe and it made perfect sense to bring in the Google SSO integration to let you access HappyFox as well with the same login.

Google SSO help desk integration

  • Directly assign roles and responsibilities for HappyFox accounts created with single sign-on
  • Create password-free entry and link access for all your google applications from one browser.

Simplify the work of support agents, empower customer support and streamline your support process with this single sign-on integration.