Be it K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities or other Educational institutions, there are communication and support challenges that
make serving students and faculty an arduous task.

HappyFox support ticket system eliminates these communication and support challenges by letting you manage all student and staff queries via tickets.

Ticket support system for higher education

Manage student services support requestsWhy struggle to manage your student services, when you can have a personalized help desk system that categorizes and handles all your student service related issues and enquiries from multiple channels?

Manage student services with happyfox help desk
enable student teacher collaboration with happyfox student forums
Improve the quality and efficiency of all your communications

From virtual-classroom queries to submission of assignments, HappyFox tickets allow you to manage complete classroom collaboration and helps to bridge the student-teacher gap effectively.

Eliminate communication challenges faced when prospective students and external organizationstry to communicate with you via email. Trigger HappyFox tickets and address them with zero glitches.

Facilitate discussions between staff, parents and K-12 school administration over HappyFox forums, build healthy relationships and bring in seamless flow of information using our help desk solution.

Effectively manage student recruitment and onboarding.

Manage application on-boarding and recruitment processesWhether you are just starting application processing or are in the stage of student recruitment and on-boarding, HappyFox ticket support system reduces the time you spend on tracking applications and reduces your workload.

Manage faculty interviews and discussions and let our powerful help desk tool take over your entire recruitment process by giving it the HappyFox edge.

College IT tech supportIT tech support can become a breeze once you bring in a help desk that integrates with various other project and task management tools.

Fix bugs, handle development requests, manage access privileges and more with a comprehensive support software. Automate your repetitive workflows using HappyFox smart rules.

Manage university IT tech support with happyfox ticketing system
coordinate alumni relationships with happyfox

Achieve alumni engagementYour alumni matter to you. Stay in touch with them, run campaigns for fundraising, host conferences and build a good alumni relationship with the help of the HappyFox ticketing system

Social Media Customer Service for your institution Your students love Facebook. Now you can let them submit their queries via their favorite social networking portal with ease using HappyFox - Facebook integration. All they need to do is send private messages to your institution’s facebook page that will automatically get converted to HappyFox tickets for your support staff to look into and respond.

HappyFox customer support software now integrates with Magento ecommerce software.

Promote self serviceStudents, parents and faculty are always contacting you to get information on how to do things. With a robust self service portal, they no longer need to reach out to you, but simply check your support center and gather the information they need.

knowledgebase and self service for students at colleges and universities

Monthly plans start from $29 a month

To recognize your efforts, HappyFox also offers special discounts on our pricing for your Educational institution.
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Help desk Integration

A happy roof that can accommodate all your favorite business apps.

Hult business school uses happyfox help desk software.