Be it K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities or other Educational institutions, there are communication and support challenges that make serving students and faculty an arduous task.

HappyFox support ticket system eliminates these communication and support challenges by letting you manage all student and staff queries and set up a knowledge base for FAQs. Different Teams from within your School/University can up their productivity by using HappyFox. Here’s how.

Management and Administrative Support

Management and Administration teams in schools and universities perform a range of activities that often involves a lot of manual work and inter-team collaboration. A personalized help desk software like HappyFox can categorize and handle issues and inquiries with ease.

Manage application on-boarding and recruitment processes

Whether you are just starting application processing or are in the stage of student recruitment and on-boarding, HappyFox ticket support system reduces the time you spend on tracking applications and reduces your workload.

Manage faculty interviews and discussions and let our powerful help desk tool take over your entire recruitment process by giving it the HappyFox edge.

Manage application

Use intelligent automation to speed up every task!

Save time and effort by automating repetitive processes. By creating an automated workflow or macro, set predefined conditions for support requests to be assigned to staff based on criticality, nature of the requester, etc. Create SLA (Service Level Agreements) to define your school’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

intelligent automation

Collaborate Seamlessly across multiple departments

Administrative/Management teams might need help from other departments to help with a student’s query. HappyFox Help Desk lets you collaborate support requests with other departments and then track them easily.

Collaborate Seamlessly

IT tech support

IT tech support can become a breeze once you bring in a help desk that integrates with various other projects and task management tools.

Fix bugs, handle development requests, manage access privileges and more with comprehensive support software. Automate your repetitive workflows using HappyFox smart rules.

Unify request streams from multiple channels

Usually, IT teams in educational institutions get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of queries from multiple channels like email, phone, etc. Without a proper system in place, a lot of time is wasted in keeping track of individual requests and eventually solving them. With HappyFox, IT teams can streamline queries from multiple channels into one single interface. Features like custom queues, statuses, and custom fields help organize and segment requests based upon their nature.

Unify request streams

Track and Manage Hardware and Software assets

Keeping track of your university/school’s IT hardware/software and their related tickets can be a daunting task. HappyFox’s dedicated asset management solution simplifies tracking, fixing, and replacing faulty IT or non-IT assets. Advanced features like Asset Reporting, Audit Trails, makes your IT support experience a whole lot better.

Track and Manage Hardware and Software

Promote self-service with an IT Support Center

Faculty and administrative staff might contact you directly to get information on simple technical questions. With a robust self-service portal, they no longer need to reach out to you, but simply check your support center and gather the information they need. This drastically reduces the load on your IT staff.

Promote self-service

Student Groups/Alumni Support

From virtual-classroom queries to submission of assignments, HappyFox ticketing system allows you to manage complete classroom collaboration and helps to bridge the student-teacher gap effectively. Eliminate communication challenges faced when your students and alumni try to communicate with you via email.

Manage student services on the go

Why struggle to manage your student services, when you can have a personalized help desk system that categorizes and handles all your student service-related issues and inquiries at the comfort of your hand-held device? HappyFox’s mobile app lets you perform all ticket level actions in your mobile help desk just the way you do on the desktop.

Manage student services

Stay on top of Social Media

Students nowadays use social media a lot. Now you can let them submit their queries via their favorite social networking portal with ease using HappyFox’s social media integrations. All they need to do is send private messages or post a reply to your institution’s Facebook/Twitter handle that will automatically get converted to a HappyFox ticket for your support staff to look into and respond.

Stay on top of Social Media

Achieve Stellar Alumni Engagement

Your alumni matter to you. Stay in touch with them, run campaigns for fundraising, host conferences and build a good alumni relationship with the help of the HappyFox ticketing system. HappyFox packs powerful features like Contact Groups to segment your alumni based upon their year of passing.

Achieve Stellar Alumni Engagement