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ClassLink Single Sign-On for HappyFox

HappyFox integrates with ClassLink for a fast and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for educational institutions. No more password reset fiascos.

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Benefits of Using ClassLink SSO for HappyFox

ClassLink provides students, teachers, or admins one account to use across all systems, including helpdesk software. That means better security (fewer passwords to protect) and a more convenient end-user experience (fewer passwords to remember).

  • Increase security for your institution

    ClassLink provides strong security features built-in like 2FA. Implementing ClassLink with HappyFox, you can add extra security layers to every HappyFox login by requiring your students/teachers/admin to log in with SSO.

  • Save time for your administrators

    Simply add your contacts or agents to your HappyFox account, and manage their security through ClassLink. Fewer calls for administrators means time and money saved.

  • Create a more convenient experience for your students or staff

    No more remembering ten passwords to enter throughout the day, all with their own length, complexity, and expiration requirements. Spend less time managing lost credentials, and more time helping your students or teachers.

Centralized SAML SSO for Help Desk Agents

With ClassLink SSO enabled, your agents need not create an application-specific login and can easily use their ClassLink credentials to access their agent portal.

Centralized SAML SSO for Help Desk Contacts

Simplify the work of your end-users, empower customer support and streamline your support process with ClassLink SSO.


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