Workflow Automation Software for Pipedrive

Spend less time manually following up with leads and more time meeting and serving your customers. Automate your marketing, sales, and data entry with industry-leading workflow automation software for Pipedrive.

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Workflow Automation Software for Salesforce

Automate your sales and marketing
with CRM automation

Using the no-code workflow builder, you can automate mundane tasks in Pipedrive, so your team can focus more on strategic activities.

Automate Data Entry and Standardize Processes

No more leads falling through
the cracks

Keep leads engaged from your first contact, with automation. Pipedrive workflow automation increases process efficiency across your organization to achieve massive lead time reduction.

Automate and make
room for growth

Get things done faster. Automate all your workflow scenarios in Pipedrive with HappyFox workflow automation software. Add multi-stage actions, conditional logic, format data, and do much more.

Increase Productivity in Organizational Functions
Automate Data Entry and Standardize Processes

Get more done, in less time

No more waiting on the development team to write scripts for Pipedrive automation. Using a no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder, automate your CRM processes in a matter of minutes with minimal effort.

Connect a world of

Run workflows spanning across your help desk, Pipedrive, and CRM apps. With a subscription for additional products like "Workflows for Jira", “Workflows for Shopify”, you can expand your cross-product workflow automation capabilities.

Reduce Process Deviations

Key Features

Create new entities like Lead, Account, Contact and more objects, in Salesforce

Welcome new leads with email automation

Update Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunities, and other objects

Qualify leads with multi-stage approval management

Implement robust Approval Management for each of your salesforce workflow approval processes.

Send renewal reminders and update deals

Extract data from incoming emails from leads or contacts, and set object custom fields

Extract data from incoming emails from leads, and set custom fields

Get input from users through custom forms and trigger subsequent actions

Create new entities like deal, organization, person, and more objects, in Pipedrive

Implement diligent time-based workflows in any business scenario

Update contract status and pipeline stage.

Use a visual workflow builder and beautifully automate your Salesforce Processes

Get input from users through custom forms and trigger subsequent actions

Automate actions for all custom objects of Salesforce

Automatically create new leads from help desk software.

Increase efficiency and improve
accuracy with HappyFox Workflows

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