Automate Approval Management with HappyFox Workflows

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Quickly & Effortlessly Create Custom Approval workflows

Replace manual process automation with automated approval task flows by using HappyFox workflow software.

  • Create approval workflows that trigger automatically upon condition match.
  • Handle every possible approval process and use-cases using if-else logic.
  • Trigger workflows manually for ad hoc approvals.

Configurable Approval Flows and Hierarchies

Effortlessly create custom approval workflows with customizable execution paths using a simple graphical builder.

  • Multiple hierarchies of approval systems.
  • Mix and match help desk ticketing actions with approvals.
  • Branched approval workflows for complex cases.

Customizable Approval Email Template

Configure contextual information that supplements business users who approve items!

  • Customize the approval email notification template with relevant information.
  • Use Merge Fields for dynamic data population inside approval e-mails.
  • Specify approvers and approval nature – first responder, majority, etc.

Approval Tracking and Audit Trails

Track actionable approval workflows – including those that require tiered and conditional approvals using audit logs.

  • Test Sample approval workflows in real-time.
  • Every workflow trigger leaves an update log for audit and compliance.
  • Tweak approval workflow steps to improve existing workflows!
Approval Tracking and Audit Trails

Benefits of Automated Approval Workflows

Create as many approval types as your company demands and grant access to groups of approvals to business users. There are many benefits to automating approval workflows.

Enhanced visibility into organizational processes.

Better security and compliance adherence.

Streamline mundane processes.

Save precious time and reduce process bottlenecks.

Automate workflow management for all business processes and scenarios

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Human Resources

  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Document Management Approvals
  • Vacation Approval Requests
  • Timesheet Approvals

Sales and Marketing

  • Contract Approvals
  • Lead Qualification Approvals
  • Marketing Spends Approval
  • PR / Sponsorship Approvals


  • Salary Dispense Approvals
  • Invoice Approvals
  • Product Discount Approvals
  • Expense Claims Approvals


  • New Vendor Approvals
  • Document Procurement Approvals
  • Bidding and Purchase Approvals
  • Quality Assurance Approvals

Product Development

  • Issue Tracking Approvals
  • Release Management Approvals
  • Feature Acceptance Approvals
  • Compliance Checks Approvals

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