Workflow Automation for HR Employee Offboarding

Implement clearance automation for employees in a seamless manner. Automatically Notify stakeholders, remove IT access, follow up on approvals and do more.

When an employee leaves the organization, It is time-consuming to follow up with dependent teams to check for dues manually.


Organizations need simple and effective clearance automation to offboard employees gracefully. With the power of workflow automation, organizations can


HappyFox workflows can enable organizations to automate the offboarding process with ease and simplicity.


Communicate to Stakeholders

Automatically trigger notifications to dependant departments like IT, payroll, admin, security. Notify all the stakeholders about the change.

Initiate Clearance Automation

Initiate clearance when an employee submits his resignation. Any other event can trigger the sequence of the offboarding process. Tasks can be set up for the employee to provide their hardware and software assets, ID cards, keys, and any other organizational asset.

Set up Knowledge Transfer sessions

Automatically create tasks based on the role to transfer knowledge from the relieving employee to his successor.

Approvals and Confirmation

Seek clearance approval and ensure that all approvers acknowledge ‘No dues’ before relieving the employee.

Follow-ups, Reminders

Regularly follow up with the relieving employee on the list of tasks that he has to complete.

Automatically revoke access

Post the last working day of the employee, revoke access automatically from the identity management system and related applications.

Trigger Exit Survey or Interview

Send exit interview through structured questionnaires. If an in-person meeting is required, automatically schedule meetings between the employee and the HR or supervisor.

Invitation to Alumni Portal

Today’s organizations actively engage with relieved employees to retain their past connections and promote future opportunities. Use HappyFox workflows to automatically send the registration email to your alumni portal upon completion of the employee separation process.