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With a rapid increase in the inflow of queries and requests to an IT Helpdesk, an enormous amount of time and effort is spent on activities that deal with data entry, routing to the right internal teams and responding to users. For example, a simple asset request process can get challenging when you need to follow standard SOPs based on specific conditions. Here is a sample flow chart that gives an overview of a typical asset request.

Implementing an Approval Management System with HappyFox Workflows

Why Automate Your Asset Requests & Other IT Service Requests?

IT Organizations need a tool that provides them the flexibility to model their various flows and conditions in a simple manner. Automating highly used processes like asset requests helps them save crucial time and effort. It ensures,

  1. Process Governance: With the process configured and practiced through a single workflow automation software, process owners can better streamline, track and maximize adoption.
  2. End to End Automation: By automating the entire lifecycle of a business process, you leverage the power of automation at all levels.
  3. Flexibility in configuring workflows: With processes getting improved and updated regularly, ensure that your automation platform reflects the latest version of the process at all times.
  4. Increased efficiency: With each manual step of the IT process being automated, organizations save an enormous amount of time and effort among internal teams and end-users.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: With faster request fulfillment and better service experience, you ensure a successful request management process and service delivery. This leads to a superior customer experience.

How HappyFox Workflows Helps To Automate Your IT Asset Request Process

HappyFox Workflows helps you automate your asset requests elegantly using workflow actions, the ability to model business rules, enable inter-department collaboration and notifying stakeholders. You can also embed the approval process at required places of decision making. With dedicated actions for each decision, all the process steps can be automated in the required sequence.

Implementing an Approval Management System with HappyFox Workflows
  1. Set IT asset request parameters: Each asset request has unique information like asset type, quantity required, level of access, date from which it is required, mapped project information, and much more. HappyFox workflows can automatically set the ticket and contact custom fields based on an incoming request and business rules.
  2. Check conditions based on request type: Based on the type of asset, each organization wants to handle the request in a certain manner. That requires a workflow automation tool to dynamically check for business rules and automate the right set of next steps. HappyFox workflows easily perform it using the ‘Check Conditions’ action. Here the request type is checked if it is a standard request or a custom request. HappyFox Workflows further allows you to evaluate the value of multiple fields before processing the next action.
  3. Automating your SOPs: While ensuring compliance and also standardizing the process, HappyFox Workflows automates your SOPs based on the request type. For example, for a ‘Standard’ request type, it can automatically apply a specific task checklist, create an asset instance, map it to the requester (employee) and notify the required stakeholders.
  4. Decision-making on the go: As the nature and type of request get complex, it is natural for organizations to include decision-making in the process. HappyFox Workflows can seek decisions from approvers. The decision-makers can be outside your helpdesk platform and yet be able to refer to the ticket details, refer to the relevant documents and provide a decision with appropriate comments. The decision made, the name of the approver and comments entered are captured fully for complete transparency.
  5. Enabling inter-department collaboration: Many a time, the requested asset needs to be purchased new by the organization. In such cases, HappyFox Workflows can automatically create a related ticket with the procurement team for internal collaboration with IT teams. The updates in the procurement process can get added back to the original IT asset request. Once the procurement is done, the IT team can continue with the next set of steps.
  6. Identify process bottlenecks: It is natural for any process to have its own constraint and adoption. HappyFox workflows can help you identify process steps that typically fail, and those areas that have scope for resolution time.
  7. Automated replies: Whether it is internal IT team collaboration or communication with employees or notifying the external vendors/stakeholders, HappyFox Workflows can automate this process with ease and efficiency. You can use ‘merge fields’ to configure your communication templates.
  8. Two-way communication: While communicating with all those who are involved in the process, at required places, you can use HappyFox workflows to seek responses from email recipients. They could respond by just indicating their choice or additionally respond to forms by filling up a list of information. Based on the information gathered from respondents, HappyFox workflows can automatically trigger the next set of actions. This way, you could automate repetitive communication and processes, ensuring better IT support and an effective helpdesk or service desk.

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