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IT platforms of any organization support numerous business processes that require inputs and decision making from required decision-makers. Trying to manually seek approvals and capture support information can become cumbersome for an organization and may slow down execution.

Why Automate your Multi-level Approval Workflows?

Organizations need an approval system that empowers them to deploy the approval management process at the place of actions and decisions. Leveraging workflow automation results in

  1. Increasing Efficiency: By cutting down on time and effort on attaching documents, sending emails and following up with approvers, the decision-making process is done very quickly.
  2. Process Standardization: By configuring the required approval process, you ensure that the process is standardized across geographies and locations.
  3. Ease of Use: Supervisors and Approvers who participate in the decision-making process can share their decisions in real-time.
  4. Compliance: Clear documentation of approval decisions are critical for any future audits and compliance checks.

Implementing an Approval Management System with HappyFox Workflows

From IT access & hardware requests decisions, to document approval and invoice approval you can embed the approval process effortlessly for all business rules in your organization. You could ensure all complexities of your decision-making process are considered systematically. Additionally, depending on the decisions taken, you can use HappyFox Workflows to automatically trigger the next set of actions.

Implementing an Approval Management System with HappyFox Workflows
  1. Leveraging the right actions The 'Request Approval’ action has the ability to send an email notification to a list of approvers and seek a decision from them. Based on your decision-making process, you could choose to consider the final decision based on the decision from either one or more approvers.
  2. Multi-level Approvals Using this approval software enables organizations to model their multi-level approval process in the platform. The required list of approvers, reference documents, the content of the approval email can all be customized at each level of the approval hierarchy.
  3. Comprehensive Approval information: Our approval management software stores the critical trail of information that needs to be captured and recorded throughout the implementation. For example, when a list of approvers is present, HappyFox Workflows captures the email id of the approver, comments entered, timestamp of decision as part of the approval.
  4. Automating Actions: For all approval requests, you can configure the required set of actions that need to be triggered. This is done through an intuitive user interface. Eg. when a request is approved, you may want to notify stakeholders and set specific assignees, tasks for the request. This can be done at any point in your process automation.
  5. Attachments and Reference: In order to aid the approvers to view the required contextual details before approvals, HappyFox Workflows can send the ticket attachments and specific documents as part of the approval email. Approvers can refer to these documents before making a decision.
  6. Creating Decision Paths and Flows: Our workflow software enables approvers and key decision-makers to indicate their responses from a list of choices. Each of the choices that are chosen from the mail can trigger their newer processes, steps, and workflows.

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