Why Workflows?

Reduce mundanity for your employees while ensuring reliable, error-free and prompt data entry and process adherence.

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Increase Team Productivity

Workflow boosts team productivity by cutting down repetitive grunt work, so your employees can focus on more important things of greater business value.

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Build Multi-step Workflows

Build Multi-step Workflows With No Coding

You can build dynamic workflows with several steps using a simple and intuitive UI without any coding knowledge. You no longer have to depend on your Engineering team to run costly automation projects.

Automate Every Business Process

Automate specific parts of your business processes within or outside of your helpdesk. Auto-create subtasks, Auto-route tickets or collect approvals, based on various properties of a ticket, all using workflows.

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Reduce Process Deviations

Reduce Process Deviations

Be it Follow-ups, Reminders, or skill-based Routing, Workflows avoid deviations due to manual errors and ensures consistency and process adherence. Take full advantage of a wide range of available actions to define a detailed multi-step workflow.

Improve Data Consistency

There are several reasons that contribute to data inconsistencies when data entry is manual. Be it updating custom fields, creating follow-up tasks or creating related tickets, you don’t have to deal with data inconsistencies, just automate your data entry.

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Reduce Process Deviations

Connect Multiple Apps

Receive webhooks from any 3rd party systems to automatically update information inside your helpdesk. You can also soon post webhooks to other products and facilitate a two-way sync between your helpdesk and other apps.