Workflow Automation for Human Resource Management

Automate all HR processes, Increase compliance and Maximise employee engagement

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Human Resource departments own critical business processes like hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, internal request management and offboarding, which touches the lives of each employee. Relying on traditional methods leads to slower cycle time, manual errors and sub-optimal operations.

Enable Your HR Department to Deliver More

HappyFox workflows offer simple and easy workflow automation for Human Resource departments. Armed with capabilities to increase automation at scale, it ensures operational excellence, maximized productivity and and more. Here is what you can realize.

  1. Increased Employee Engagement: Employees experience the HR processes in a simpler, effective and consistent manner. This leads to an actively engaged and responsive workforce.
  2. Prompt Communication: With communication being the heart of HR function, ensure each query or transaction is automatically initiated and followed up till closure.
  3. Process Standardization: Ensure consistency in the way in which your HR processes are practiced across the organization. HappyFox Workflows ensures both automation and standardization.
  4. Maximum Compliance: HappyFox Workflows ensures process compliance for all your HR processes. You can also identify process areas that need to increase compliance.
  5. Better Governance: With automation taking a greater role, govern your HR function better. Allow mundane tasks to be automated and focus on strategic work that transforms employees.

Leverage the Power of Workflow Automation

Implement workflow automation for HR processes across the complete lifecycle of an employee. From hiring to offboarding, HappyFox workflows help you reduce manual work at each touchpoint and increase process standardization and employee engagement.


Empower Your Team With the Best Workflow Automation Tools

Automatically assign tasks and task checklists

Track progress of each employee across various lifecycle phases

Robust approval management with multi-stage approvals

Automatically follow up with employees on a regular basis

Monitoring and Alert systems for employee data

Send calendar invites based on stakeholder availability

Onboard New Employees with Ease and Efficiency

Many organizations are finding it hard to track the various new employee onboarding activities manually. With the number of touchpoints with teams high, it is time-consuming and requires much effort.

HappyFox Workflows elegantly orchestrate the entire onboarding process in an automated manner. Create related work items with dependent teams like IT & Finance, automatically apply onboarding checklists, send calendar invites, auto-sync with your identity management systems, and much more.

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Onboard New Employees with Ease and Efficiency

Offboard Employees by Giving them a Graceful Exit

When an employee leaves the organization, It is time-consuming to follow up with dependent teams to check for dues manually.

HappyFox Workflows provides simple and effective clearance automation to offboard employees gracefully. With the power of workflow automation, automatically communicate to stakeholders, initiate clearance activities, trigger exit surveys, revoke access and much more!

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Offboard Employees by Giving them a Graceful Exit

Approvals – Faster Decision Making and Better Results

Each organization has a unique way of making decisions. It is critical for its platform to allow complex approval processes to happen in an elegant manner.

With HappyFox Workflows, implement approvals from reimbursements to appraisals. You can achieve simple and multi-level approval management. Trigger approval emails to one or more approvers. Based on their decisions, automatically initiate the next set of actions in the system.

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Approvals – Faster Decision Making and Better Results

Request Management

With a rising amount of HR requests in an organization, trying to address these requests in a manual mode is time-consuming and error-prone.

Automate actions across the entire request lifecycle through Workflow Automation. Using HappyFox Workflows, track the statuses of each HR process and automatically follow up with the required owners to get it done. You can auto-respond to HR policy-related questions, initiate related actions and capture responses from employees. Automate leave requests with a combination of approvals and ticketing automation. Auto-update leaves, detect anomalies and do much more!

Request Management

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