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IT departments across most organizations are faced with digitizing complex business processes, coordinate multiple systems, and adhere to stringent compliance frameworks. Continuing to operate your IT platform through traditional modes leads to increasing cost, slower turn around time and lower efficiencies.

HappyFox Workflows powers Business Process Automation for your IT

HappyFox Workflows equips you with all the necessary tools to automate all your manual processes and routine tasks handled by IT Teams. From automating assets request and fulfillment, resolution of IT Helpdesk tickets, access provisioning across apps, and employee onboarding and offboarding, you could remove bottlenecks and transform the operational efficiency of your organization.

  1. Cut down Operational Costs: As mundane and repetitive tasks are automated, you save an enormous amount of time, effort and resources. IT teams get to focus on strategic work now.
  2. Ensure Compliance: With compliance needs (like Soc2) being critical for IT, HappyFox workflows ensures better process management. The required steps are practiced every single time, with complete data tracking and visibility.
  3. Centralization and Govern: HappyFox workflows enable you to simplify your processes, visualize it elegantly and govern it with a comprehensive view to each execution of a process.
  4. Faster Decision Making: With on-the-go approvals and automated follow-ups & communication, HappyFox workflows help your teams be agile, nimble and quick.
  5. Step Up Productivity: Workflow automation with HappyFox reduces human error and provides the best in class customer experience to your end users, employees, leading to higher productivity and increased efficiency.

HappyFox’s unique approach for IT Automation

HappyFox Workflows has a unique approach to workflow automation. As business users, IT Services and Teams get to automate their most complex business processes in a simple manner ensuring elegant process automation and orchestration.


Step up your IT process automation Journey

Armed with unique capabilities for business process automation, HappyFox workflows help you automate a wide variety of business processes supported by various apps in your IT platform. Virtually, any defined and structured business process can be automated leading to maximized ITPA.

Transform your IT by automating critical business processes

Onboard your new employees into your IT eco-system with ease

The key challenges of today’s IT functions are the need the manage numerous apps in their IT eco-system, centrally govern access of an employee in each of the apps and incorporate the required complex processes in the system.

HappyFox Workflows make it easy for IT teams with intelligent automation. Onboard employees with a host of features like automatically sync with identity management, set access as per business rules, create user profiles, send automated communications and much more! You could ensure all the onboarding activities as per your business process is neatly automated.

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Onboard your new employees into your IT eco-system with ease

Offboard employees with seamless access updates and knowledge transitions

Offboarding employees correctly from your IT platform is crucial from multiple aspects. The security, compliance, and business can be under risk if there are issues with the offboarding process.

HappyFox Workflows can ensure that the offboarding process is correctly implemented every single time. Automatically reset passwords, embed approvals from superiors for required data transfers, revoke access in all mapped systems and identify pending clearance activities to be done. You could automatically trigger communications to required IT and business stakeholders and get their inputs for a specific course of action to be taken during the offboarding process. Additionally, integration with tools like Active Directory and Okta can ensure offboarding is done seamlessly covering all required touchpoints.

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Offboard employees with seamless access updates and knowledge transitions

Implement Single to Multi-level Approvals to suit your organizational needs

IT platforms of any organization support numerous business processes that require inputs and decision making from required decision-makers. Trying to manually seek approvals and capture support information can become cumbersome for an organization and may slow down execution.

HappyFox Workflows truly empowers you to deploy the approval management process at the place of action. From IT access & hardware requests to any exceptions in a process, you can embed the approval process effortlessly in your organization. From simple one level approval to multi-stage approvals, you could ensure all complexities of your decision-making process are considered systematically. Additionally, depending on the decisions taken, you can use HappyFox Workflows to automatically trigger the next set of actions.

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Implement Single to Multi-level Approvals to suit your organizational needs

Automate resolution of all your IT desk requests

With a rapid increase in the inflow of queries and requests in an IT Helpdesk, an enormous amount of time and effort is spent on activities that deal with data entry, responding to users and updates.

HappyFox Workflows software tool can free up a bulk of your IT team’s time and effort by automating activities across the lifecycle of a ticket. Be it change management, release management, incident management or any other process that deals with tickets, HappyFox can ensure all your process and compliance activities are automated for massive productivity and increased agility.

Automate resolution of all your IT desk requests

Automatically sync and update user access across multiple apps

Managing user access can become cumbersome as the number of apps, security restrictions, and business rules increase in an organization. Traditional methods of updating and revoking access lead to additional costs and dependencies within an organization.

HappyFox Workflows automation solution,integrates neatly with top identity management systems and can update user access based on any event triggers. With possible integrations with tools like Okta, Active Directory, and more, it can also detect access updates in the central system and ensure user access is consistent across all apps in your organization.

utomatically sync and update user access across multiple apps

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