Workflow Automation for HR Employee Onboarding

Manage multiple aspects of onboarding like documentation, training, hardware and software provisioning with workflow automation.

Many organizations are finding it hard to track the various new employee onboarding activities manually. With the number of touchpoints with internal systems and departments high, it is time-consuming and requires much effort.


Organizations require a solution that can elegantly orchestrate the entire onboarding process in an automated manner. Such a solution will help in:


HappyFox Workflows can make onboarding your new employees easy, efficient, and effective! With maximized workflow automation, speed up your onboarding process.


Task Automation

Trigger tasks with required assignees on the arrival of a new employee. Team members across multiple departments get their tasks assigned.

Stakeholder Notifications

Automatically send notifications and emails to dependent teams regarding the arrival of the new employee.

Apply Task Checklists

Trigger a task checklist for each aspect of onboarding like documentation, training, hardware & software provisioning. Invoke the appropriate list based on the onboarding stage.

Integrate with Identity Management

Unify employee access across applications with integration with your identity management system. Access for multiple applications enabled automatically.

Automate Calendar Invites

Schedule meetings with ease. Automatically set up calendar invites for onboarding sessions, considering stakeholder availability.

Feedback through questionnaires

Measure onboarding effectiveness by triggering surveys, questionnaires to involved team members & leads.