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Start delivering outstanding customer service from within. Use HappyFox Internal help desk software to manage your internal issues such as IT issues, admin related cases and all other employee queries.

Assigning tickets to the appropriate users and departments helped funnel an otherwise unwieldy ticket pile.

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Internal Ticketing System
for employees
HappyFox has a highly simple web interface for your employees to submit their requests/queries directly into the ticketing system using the Embedded Request Submission form. Employees can also email requests to a predefined email address you link to HappyFox, so that all requests are converted to tickets in the HappyFox Internal help desk system for your support staff to address. Smart Rules and Canned Actions Ever had situations where the same request keeps coming ten times a week? HappyFox is happy to sort that situation for you with the help of canned actions. Create answer templates for commonly asked questions and store them, so that when you receive such queries, you can send your reply with the click
of a button. HappyFox Smart Rules also lets you trigger actions like changing status, assignee etc, based on specific conditions, so that you can automate repetitive tasks and save support time. Internal Knowledge BaseWhen providing support internally, the focal point is to reduce engagement from your support staff and eliminate the need for employees to reach out every time they have a query.
Add all your self-help documents for issues like software renewals, ID card reapplication etc on the HappyFox knowledge base portal, so that your staff can understand procedures by just reading these articles and not have to call or mail your support team.
Support staff managementEach of your support staff may come with a specific skill-set. Make sure you assign the roles and privileges for each staff accordingly so that they manage only their areas of expertise. This also gives you the advantage of not worrying about any ticket being assigned to the wrong support staff or staying unattended. Create roles, enable and disable staff accounts and manage permissions for all staff, from one interface with the help of HappyFox internal help desk. Internal Issue SegregationEmployees can have a variety of issues ranging from technology to admin related services. Create relevant categories for all your tickets, so that each ticket is correctly categorized for the relevant staff to address. You never have to search for admin tickets specifically to assign to your admin services team. HappyFox manages all assignment and categorization automatically, based on the rules you set. Internal Support trackingAre your employees raising too many issues? Are you looking to understand ticket trends? HappyFox Internal ticket reports lets you understand the volume of tickets coming in various categories, the performance of your support staff in resolving them and also the time taken for each. With the help of reports, you can improve your support operations, reduce incoming tickets and increase overall efficiency of your organization.

Achieve complete control over your internal issues with the HappyFox Internal help desk software

Faster resolution of internal issues
Faster resolution of internal issues
Increased operational productivity
Increased operational productivity
Better utilization of support staff and admin services
Better utilization of support staff and
admin services
Reduction in overall cost and effort
Reduction in overall cost and effort

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