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We were Zendesk customers for a long time, but since we receive dozens of support requests per day, we required an environment that helps us accomplish efficiency. Also, since our support team increases in size, we also needed the ability to add more staff members to the fold without disrupting efficiency.


Zendesk was not flexible and grossly overpriced. It is also slow when responding to requests. We needed a helpdesk solution that can scale rapidly to our needs.

Why HappyFox?

Small Learning Curve Easy Scaling HappyFox Customer Support


The learning curve was small, and understanding the HappyFox support center was not too difficult. Thanks to HappyFox, our customers are learning that it's easy to login and engage a ticket and/or respond directly by email. The HappyFox support team were and continue to be incredibly helpful and responsive to any inquiries about the product. The support center is easy to use, straight forward, and highly adaptable via Canned Answers, Smart Rules, and Custom Notifications. The HappyFox staff have been prompt in responding to requests and assisting with the setup process. That's what really set them a cut above the rest.

Results & Benefits

The simplicity of HappyFox, once we set it up the way we wanted it, has allowed us to effectively respond to requests quite promptly when we receive them. Given the efficiency of HappyFox, we can easily continue to scale up our business without worry of being bogged down with support requests. We have multiple users engaging with the support tickets, and it has worked quite effectively.

Above all, it's quite easy to be efficient with the HappyFox support center. Efficiency means less time wasted between request and response which, in turn, means happier customers and more effective results.

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The service is 5-Stars! The fact that HappyFox is already a great product, yet still will see new improvements, is fantastic.

Deron D

Executive at M4Research

Our experience

The other major benefit is the support that HappyFox provides to its customers. On multiple occasions, we have written in requesting assistance with certain actions or goals and the HappyFox staff responds quite promptly with effective answers. The service is 5-Stars. We're excited and happy to use it and love the fact that new features are continually being added. The fact that HappyFox is already a great product, yet still will see new improvements, is fantastic. We're looking forward to many more years of a working relationship with this support center.

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