Help desk Performance Report

View high-level performance metrics and drill-down by agents, and teams. Measure First Contact Resolution (FCR) by Teams to optimize different types of support issues.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Get a Quick Summary of Performance Metrics

Glance through the overall help desk performance metrics received without having to go through a maze of reports.

Identify Top-Performing Agents

View top agents for each help desk performance metrics like FCR %, average response time, average first response time, the average time to closure, average responses and average
responses to the closure.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Monitor your Agents’ Performance and Identify Areas of Improvement

View a detailed side-by-side comparison of the various performance metrics across different agents in your help desk.

An Aggregated View of Tickets

Benchmark the Performance of your Support Teams

View help desk performance metrics split by categories. Quickly compare and benchmark the performance of different support teams and uncover hidden insights.

An Aggregated View of Tickets