Improved Racing designs and manufactures high performance automotive oiling system products. They sell worldwide direct to consumer and to distributors, retailers and OEM's.




Improved Racing's existing support solution, Zendesk, presented challenges for their multi-brand structure. Managing three separate brands with a single support team required juggling multiple support email addresses and maintaining consistent brand identity within the platform. This approach, compounded by the platform's lack of intuitiveness, proved difficult and cost-prohibitive.


Improved Racing's search for a more efficient support solution led them to Happyfox through online research. They were particularly impressed by the platform's intuitive interface. The ease of use was a major advantage, allowing their diverse teams (customer support, sales, accounting, and shipping) to adapt quickly and collaborate effectively.

Happyfox's user-friendly platform and great support team ensured getting started was a breeze for Improved Racing.

Results & Benefits

Happyfox's implementation at Improved Racing yielded significant results across various departments:

Increased Efficiency

Teams across customer support, sales, accounting, and shipping experienced a major boost in efficiency. Happyfox eliminated duplicate work and the potential for missed emails, allowing them to focus on resolving issues quickly.

Enhanced Brand Management

Happyfox's multi-brand functionality proved invaluable. Separate email categories and signatures for each of their three brands ensured clear communication and consistent brand identity in all interactions.

Streamlined Workflows

Improved Racing commended the platform's queue and category organization. This structure facilitated efficient ticket routing, ensuring the right team members were assigned to handle inquiries effectively.

Email Replacement

Improved Racing used HappyFox as a replacement for email and found it to be collaborative and transparent to everyone on the team. This also streamlined processes around purchase orders and accounts payable.

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We really like how easy it is to have multiple brands and separate email categories with their own emails and email signatures. It has made us far more efficient and has eliminated duplicate work, missed emails, etc.

Michael Ihns

President, Improved Racing

Why HappyFox?

Intuitive Interface Easy to Use Multi-brand Functionality Ticketing System Flexibility and Customization

Our experience

Improved Racing's multi-brand structure, with separate teams using the platform, perfectly highlighted HappyFox's strength as a support platform. This experience reinforces the value HappyFox offers to companies with multiple brands, ensuring consistent brand identity and streamlined communication across all customer interactions. Improved Racing's diverse teams were able to quickly adapt to HappyFox. This highlights the user-friendliness of our platform, making it suitable for various departments and skill levels within an organization.

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