Renoworks provides visualization solutions to the building products industry. Their AI powered web visualization software makes home improvement decisions easier. The Renoworks Visualization Platform, and its world-class service stand as the benchmark by which others in the home visualization industry compare.


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Renoworks needed a solution that was easy to use and adaptable to their specific needs. They required a system to manage both design requests, which are akin to support requests but distinct in nature, and actual support needs.


HappyFox was implemented to handle all design & support requests. It was first rolled out across design services team and then expanded to customer success and support teams. Some of the key features configured and utilized by the Renoworks team are:

  • Knowledgebase/FAQ integration
  • Canned Actions
  • Smart Rules with Automations
  • SLA Management
  • Email/Phone Integrations
  • Aircall Integration

Results & Benefits

Implementing HappyFox product suite transformed Renoworks business in the following ways:

Increased Efficiency

With HappyFox, Renoworks processed over 40,000 tickets, which equates to roughly 105,000 design requests in 5 years.

Customer Service Quality

Achieved consistent CSAT scores even with high volume of tickets processed.

Renoworks Result

The implementation went smoothly and the customer service is FANTASTIC!!! HappyFox is very easy to use for our team and customizable for our needs.

Shawna Kelley

Director, Design Services

Why HappyFox?

Ease of use Customizations Customer Service Smart Automations

Our experience

Our collaboration with Renoworks showcased HappyFox's ability to provide tailored solutions for unique business needs. Renoworks required a system that was both intuitive and flexible to manage design and support requests, a challenge seamlessly met by HappyFox. The successful rollout across multiple teams highlighted our platform's adaptability and ease of use, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient workflow.

This experience highlighted HappyFox's versatility as a support platform, capable of meeting diverse requirements while upholding high customer service standards. Features such as automation, SLA management, and seamless integrations were key in boosting efficiency and maintaining consistent quality in customer interactions.

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