SLAM, a multi-disciplinary architectural design firm with a vast national presence across 10 offices in the United States. Renowned for its innovative approach to design and architecture, SLAM combines creativity with cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional projects and solutions to its clients.




  • Limited Functionality of In-house Solution: SLAM's original IT support system was developed in-house. It lacked the robustness and intuitiveness needed for efficient incident response and knowledge sharing among both customers and IT staff.
  • Need for Automation and a Knowledge Base: The firm recognized a critical need for a more sophisticated solution that could automate responses and develop a comprehensive knowledge base to support both customers and IT personnel.


After conducting online research for a more capable IT support solution, SLAM looked at 5 other competing csolutions and chose HappyFox for its intuitive interface, flexibility, and comprehensive Knowledge Base & Service Catalog. Key features utilized are:

  • Intuitive Organization Features: Queues, priority tags, statuses, etc., were found to be particularly intuitive and helpful.
  • Communication Integration: Email, Phone, and Microsoft Teams, facilitating seamless communication.
  • Automation Tools: Smart rules, canned actions, and knowledge base articles to automate ticket response processes.

Results & Benefits

Implementation Time

HappyFox was noted for its ease of adoption, with SLAM being up and running within hours. The stability of the solution was highlighted, with seldom need to contact customer service, though when needed, HappyFox was very responsive.

Changing Efficiency

SLAM experienced a game-changing improvement in their ability to respond to incidents swiftly, significantly outperforming the response times achieved with their previous system.

Enhanced Knowledge Sharing

SLAM experienced a game-changing improvement in their ability to respond to incidents swiftly, significantly outperforming the response times achieved with their previous system.

Reduced time of Service Request Resolution

In the last year, SLAM processed 5,000 service requests, averaging 420 per month(with majority of tickets resolved autonomously), for a firm of 300 employees spread across 10 offices, demonstrating the scalability and efficiency of the HappyFox solution.

SLAM Result

HappyFox brought a level of sophistication to our IT support system that was previously unimaginable. The comprehensive knowledge base, dynamic intake forms, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, and robust service desk features have not only streamlined our operations but also significantly enhanced our response capabilities. These tools have allowed us to automate responses, efficiently organize tickets, and leverage historical data to quickly resolve new issues, setting a new standard for excellence in IT support.

John Stergakis


Why HappyFox?

Intuitive & Easey to Use Comprehensive Knowledge Base Service Catalog Automations Robust Service Request Intake

Our experience

SLAM's transition to HappyFox for its IT support and knowledge management needs represents a significant leap forward in operational efficiency and service quality. By moving away from an in-house solution with limited capabilities to a robust, intuitive platform, we have not only enhanced our IT support response times but also fostered a more knowledgeable and empowered IT staff. Our experience underscores the importance of choosing the right technology solution for business-critical functions, highlighting HappyFox's pivotal role in transforming SLAM's IT operations.

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