Founded in 1968, Sonny's BBQ started as a local BBQ joint in Gainesville, Florida. Over five decades, it has grown into a celebrated chain with more than a hundred restaurants, maintaining its commitment to slow-smoking over oak and preserving its local joint feel across all locations.




Facing challenges with their existing IT support solutions, Sonny's BBQ embarked on a journey to find a more dynamic and integrated ITSM solution. The key challenges they faced:

  • Complex IT Environment: Prior to HappyFox, Sonny's BBQ utilized multiple IT support systems including Service Now, Spiceworks, SolarWinds Helpdesk, & Fresh Service. The complexity of managing multiple systems led to inefficiencies and they were not able to consolidate under any one of these systems.
  • Need for Advanced Features: There was a high demand for database structuring, customization, API integration, app/add-on integrations, and automation flow to streamline operations and support data analysis.
  • Immediate Need for Improvement: The urgency to transition from a failing support system to a more automated and integrated solution was critical, especially with the need to enhance business intelligence reporting.


  • Thorough Selection Process: After comprehensive research and analysis and evaluating including Servicenow, Speciworks, Solarwinds & Fresh Service, HappyFox was chosen for its ability to meet specific criteria desired for the future state of Sonny's BBQ IT support system.
  • Customization and Integration: HappyFox stood out for its attention to detail, customization options, and integration capabilities with Sonny's unique data environment, Microsoft Teams, and Asana, among others.
  • Automation and Adaptability: The solution offered automation and ease of use, along with SCRUM/Kanban like flow for daily tasks, enabling Sonny's BBQ to integrate ticketing data into their business intelligence reporting seamlessly.

Results & Benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

HappyFox has proven to be extremely useful, enabling Sonny's BBQ to actively use support data in conjunction with restaurant operations data for a comprehensive view on projects, challenges, and innovations.

Significant Impact on Business Intelligence

The integration with HappyFox has allowed for an overall reduction in internal and brand tickets, with the IT and business intelligence teams leveraging custom and default data to enhance store status dashboards.

Enhanced Knowledge Sharing

Sonny's-BBQ experienced a game-changing improvement in their ability to respond to incidents swiftly, significantly outperforming the response times achieved with their previous system.

Reduction in Ticket Volume

Since implementing HappyFox, Sonny's BBQ has seen a notable overall reduction in the volume of internal and brand support tickets. This decrease can be attributed to the system's robust automation capabilities and the effective use of business intelligence to preempt and resolve issues more efficiently.

Sonny's-BBQ Result

HappyFox has not just been a tool; it's been a game-changer for Sonny's BBQ. The efficiency and clarity it brought to our IT support and business intelligence processes have allowed us to significantly reduce ticket volumes while improving our operational insights. This isn't just about solving IT issues; it's about elevating the entire brand's operational excellence.

Joshua Gravely

Information Technology Manager, Sonny's BBQ

Why HappyFox?

Adaptability Customization Integrations Automations Superior Support

Our experience

Sonnys BBQ's integration of HappyFox into its IT and business intelligence framework represents a significant leap forward in enhancing operational efficiencies and data-driven decision-making. By transitioning to a more automated and integrated support system, we not only streamlined its IT support processes but also empowered its business intelligence efforts. The relationship with HappyFox's representative exemplified the exceptional customer service provided, ensuring immediate engagement and resolution of any issues encountered. . The case of Sonny's BBQ underscores the importance of selecting the right technology partner to drive innovation and operational excellence in a competitive landscape.

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