Customer Relationship Management and HappyFox

The hand-in-hand partnership for awesome sync between sales and support.

Manage Customer Relationship Easily

When you have all information at your fingertips, solving customer issues becomes a cakewalk. With HappyFox, you can be aware of everything related to your customer, be it his emails or social media activity. HappyFox enables all this through the Help Desk CRM integrations, making customer engagement easier. Using the HappyFox CRM Integrations, your support team can be aware of everything related to your customer, making customer support more personalized.

Information is Wealth

Good management starts with knowledge. And great customer relationship starts with HappyFox. With access to conversation history, you can be informed about a customer's last support query or feature request and add value to your customer engagement. This not only helps save time but also enables your team to provide the optimal resolution to your customers. Additionally, CRM Integrations with HappyFox give your agents access to both support and sales conversations, thereby giving them a bigger picture.

Insightly CRM HappyFox Integration

HappyFox CRM Integrations

HappyFox integrates with several apps and services, thus giving your team access to multitudes of information. With a growing number of CRM tools being integrated with, HappyFox gives you the best Help Desk CRM Integration in the market. Now your sales team has instant access to critical information to close a deal and your support team will have a better understanding of inbound queries.

Helpdesk CRM Integrations that you can use: