HappyFox Help Desk Integrations - CRM Zoho Integration

Zoho is a flexible CRM for business with a growing customer base of 25,000+ globally.

If your CRM data can drive sales and marketing initiatives, why not customer support?

Put a CRM tool in your Help Desk now.

  • Use 1 interface to access 2 applications
  • Auto sync up - Edit your customer data once - not twice
  • Change your customers’ details from HappyFox
  • View the support tickets in your Zoho CRM

  • Make sense out of this unified view
  • Use HappyFox to upsell and do marketing
  • All the above at $0 more dollars

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Why Zoho CRM?

It is Zoho’s popularity among our customers that ruled the priority. Yet, it’s only natural to integrate with a leading CRM tool that tracks - all things customers - from communication history to future opportunities.

Zoho CRM integration is a great value add for small businesses wherein your customer data sits along the ticket information

Integration both in form and functions

With Zoho CRM and HappyFox help desk integration, you can map a ticket to a particular customer, his/ her name, email address, buying history etc. and deliver highly personalized support.

Much more than a ticket holder, HappyFox provides:

  • Access Zoho CRM customer details like name, email address, physical address
  • Permission to edit customer’s contact information
  • Ability to link to the social media profiles of the customers, adding a data layer.

You Reap

  • You do not have to toggle between the 2 applications, anymore. Your communication with your customer just got quicker, relevant and data driven with this integration.
  • Use your support data along with the sales data to up sell.