HappyFox for Batchbook - It's a social connect

Batchbook is a new generation social CRM designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Are you a Batchbook customer, looking to connect the dots between social media and customer support?

Batchbook Social CRM integration on HappyFox is your answer

  • Use social media intelligence when solving support queries
  • Push support ticket updates to Batchbook
  • View ticket history right there in the social CRM
  • Have customers’ social profiles, alongside the tickets
  • Set up your social CRM help desk yourself, without the IT teams’ support
  • Pay no additional dollars

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Why Batchbook?

Two Reasons. One – We love small businesses. Two - When your ticketing system sits on top of a social CRM, you gain complete knowledge about your customer, in one view.

Add a social media layer to your HappyFox help desk by enabling Batchbook CRM integration

Happyfox for Batchbook provides your business a way to

  • Manage customer contacts, address books, sales, leads, and more, on the same screen as the ticket.
  • Tag similar customers in one group, and respond to their tickets in a personalized way based on the group tag.

Personalize the way you connect with your customers and build relationships, with this social CRM help desk.