Customer relationship through customer support. Our Highrise integration.

Highrise from 37signals is a cloud based CRM that helps you keep track of people, leads, tasks and conversations that are the lifelines of your business

Hunting season's over! With Highrise on HappyFox, have all the information on your fingertips.

Hunting for your customer information while providing support?

View customers' contact information from Highrise, on HappyFox while

  • Creating a new ticket
  • Answering an existing ticket
  • Viewing your customers' profiles

Option to push HappyFox ticket information to HighRise cases and notes

  • Cases - View only ticket summary
  • Notes - View ticket summary
  • Notes - View both staff and customer responses

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Why Highrise?

Highrise is a great small business CRM that keeps the focus on your content for your sales team, like how we do for your support team.

CRM customer contact information on help desk
HappyFox Help desk tickets gets updated on highrise CRM as cases
  • Easy to recall your contacts and tasks.
  • One history for all your interactions. One integration to help both your sales and support teams..

Forget address books, calendar entries and jumping across two different systems. Let every team in your company build customer relationships - with this help desk CRM.