ChartMogul & HappyFox - Access Billing History from your HelpDesk

ChartMogul is a SaaS analytics platform that specializes in subscription analytics and revenue reporting.

Integrate ChartMogul with HappyFox - Improve Billing Support and Boost Agent Productivity View your customer’s subscription details from ChartMogul while answering customer queries.

  • Understand your customer’s portfolio better with details from ChartMogul.
  • Use relevant live-information from ChartMogul to give timely and precise responses to customer queries.
  • Access information about your customers and their subscriptions on ticket detail pages and on the new-ticket form.

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Why ChartMogul?

ChartMogul helps you build a better subscription business by using data to understand your customers better. By connecting to various payment services, ChartMogul allows you to build dashboards with relevant metrics.

ChartMogul Integration
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Better Billing Support & Boosted Agent Productivity

  • Know your customer’s subscriptions, company details, MRR, ARR and more to provide better contextual support.
  • Prioritise requests by knowing your customers better.
  • Use the pop-out link to ChartMogul to access additional metrics about your customers.