Clearbit & HappyFox - Know more about your customers while providing support

Clearbit is a data provider that offers highly accurate and updated data about your customers and their organizations.

Integrate Clearbit with HappyFox - Detailed Customer Information at your Fingertips Know whom you are communicating with as soon as you open a ticket.

  • Get the most updated information about your customers from Clearbit.
  • Improve the quality of your support responses by knowing your target audience’s organization, designation, geography, and more.
  • Access detailed information about your customers on ticket detail pages and on the new-ticket form.

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Why Clearbit?

Clearbit provides the most updated data about your customers and leads. Using Clearbit enrichment services, you can get additional information about your contacts and leads for better marketing, sales, and support.

Clearbit Integration
Clearbit Integration

Connect Better with your Customers & Provide Accurate Responses

  • Know your customer’s organization, designation, title, geography, social media profiles to connect better.
  • Prioritise requests and fine-tune your responses by knowing whom you are communicating with.
  • Validate your HappyFox contact information against customer’s Clearbit profile to ensure your responses reach the correct person.
  • Quick-access link from HappyFox to view the complete profile of the customer in Clearbit.