One login for all your apps.
With OneLogin SSO integration on HappyFox

Access all your apps from one location with just oneLogin ID and password

The days where you have to remember multiple usernames and passwords for various different applications, are behind us.

OneLogin HappyFox Single Sign-On and Active Directory integration lets you sign into all your favorite apps from one single location with just common password.

  • One place to access all your apps
  • Centralized SAML authentication from one location
  • No necessity to remember usernames and passwords
  • Easier to grant/revoke access
  • Option to disable SAML authentication for end-users and staff

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Why OneLogin?

Productivity gets a major boost when you do not have to try and remember passwords
every time you have to use an app. OneLogin is the perfect go-to page for all your favorite apps.

Help Desk OneLogin SSO integration

No requirement for a HappyFox ID to login

Increased speed of implementation and user access

Eliminate your login hassles and simplify the work of your support staff. Using this HappyFox-OneLogin SSO integration