Now With MailChimp - Bring Customer Support & Email Marketing Together

MailChimp currently helps more than 7 million people to manage, track, design
and send email marketing campaigns.

Interactions with the brand takes place throughout the customer life cycle.

With MailChimp Integration and the pre-existing CRM integrations stack, you can manage and track all the customer interactions, be it marketing, sales and customer service, all from a single help desk interface.

  • Segment and export contacts from HappyFox into MailChimp as Lists.
  • Get a list of email campaigns sent to a customer.
  • View a customer’s email engagement stats right on your HappyFox tickets.

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Why MailChimp?

Its time to take personalized customer service to a whole new level. With MailChimp integration on HappyFox, you can view details about the email campaigns a customer is a part of, his interests and engagement levels all in one place - in your support ticket.

Convert MailChimp email marketing as HappyFox Helpdesk

MailChimp and transcripts.

With MailChimp Integration for HappyFox you can,

  • Easily segment and export customer contacts from HappyFox into MailChimp as Lists and run personalized and targeted email campaigns on the go.
  • Support agents can view the details of email campaigns that a customer is a part of and his/her’s email activity/engagement trends right on the HappyFox ticket. This intelligence helps them to prioritize and further equip them to be better prepared to provide proactive support.