HappyFox & Zapier - Integrate. Automate. Simplify!

Zapier is a web-based tool that lets users create integrations between their favorite web applications without writing a single line of code.

Why waste a precious month of your app developer's time in writing long lines of code that builds integrations?

Just Zap it! Create triggers to automate your tasks between apps

  • HappyFox help desk integration with hundreds of web-apps
  • Remove the need to write tedious lines of code
  • Create HappyFox tickets based on triggers from 3rd party apps
  • Conversely, trigger actions on other apps when a HappyFox ticket is created
  • Monitor your trigger actions from your Zapier account

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Now, you can create Zaps with all your favorite web applications. Find below how you can automate tasks between your HappyFox help desk and other web applications that perform different functions.

Zapier enables HappyFox to integrate with more than 250 web applications
integrate happyfox help desk with samanage using zapier

Asset Management

Simplify and automate day-to-day asset management through Samanage and HappyFox zap.

Create a Samanage incident or asset or contract when a new ticket is created. Or create a new ticket in HappyFox when there is a new Samanage incident or asset or hardware and utilize the help desk capabilities on top of your classy asset management tool

integrate happyfox customer support software with mailchimp using zapier

Email Automation

With MailChimp and HappyFox zaps you can add a subscriber to the Mailchimp account whenever there is a new user raising a ticket in HappyFox. Vice versa, create a ticket whenever there is a subscriber activity on the mailchimp emails, allowing you to monitor and engage interested prospects for your business.

ntegrate happyfox ticketing system with asana using zapier

Project Management

Through Zapier you can create an Asana task from a new ticket allowing you to manage the issue timelines from Asana. This way you build a connection between support and dev teams.

integrate happyfox customer service software using zapier

Customer Relationship Management

Choose to create events, tasks and contacts in Salesforce whenever a new ticket is created in HappyFox

Also create a ticket when there is new task, new account, new case, new note or a new lead in Salesforce

Integrate happyfox helpdesk with shopify using zapier


If you are running an online store using Shopify, create new tickets whenever you get a new order or a customer through Shopify, so you can engage your customers in a better way.

Integrate happyfox help desk with clickatell using zapier


Trigger an SMS when there is new ticket in HappyFox, via Clickatell.

To test it out, Zapier lets you trigger up to 100 tasks a month for free on their trial version. Combine the functionality of multiple services, manage tasks and leverage the power of HappyFox and Zapier.