HappyFox Help Desk Software Security - Your Data is Safe with Us

Choose a help desk that scores high on features and pricing & Highest on help desk software security!.

Your safety, our priority

HappyFox is a secure help desk that is built on an infrastructure of time-tested libraries, a framework of best practices, and with a layer of contingency.

SSL enabled

whether you are an enterprise or a basic plan user, you get a secure help desk software with all your support portals enabled with SSL. Communication with your customer is encrypted by a 256bit AES algorithm, a standard for all government agencies and financial institutions.

How is your data handled?

A well-maintained audit log that records all the changes made to your tickets and backing up your data everyday assure a procedural approach to safeguarding your data.

Safe Cloud

Your help desk is hosted on Amazon web services, whose data centers are geographically distributed to ensure business continuity in times of interruption.

Role-based security

Create a web of internal security by providing role-based permissions. Let the roles assigned to your support agents take precedence in deciding who gets access to data and who is allowed to take critical actions.

Restrict access based on IPs

HappyFox can also confine access to only a specific set of IPs. If you want only your company members to use HappyFox, include only your company IP to the list of allowed IPs and all other IPs will be automatically denied access.